With Cutting-Edge Visibility Collaboration, Parade and project44 Pave the Way for the Future of Freight

15 Oct by Vitaliy Dadalyan

With Cutting-Edge Visibility Collaboration, Parade and project44 Pave the Way for the Future of Freight

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#freightbrokerageParade, the leader in freight brokerage and truckload capacity management software, today announced a new partnership with project44, the global leader in supply chain visibility for shippers and logistics service providers. The bi-directional data flow, which marks the first formal partnership between freight visibility and capacity management providers, enables integrated carrier procurement and visibility workflows that accelerate automated brokerage operations. The partnership also significantly expands Parade’s carrier capacity for its brokerage customers through project44’s Truckload Cooperative.

The widespread adoption of modern visibility solutions like project44 has empowered freight operators to expect more out of their shipment data. The Parade partnership is the latest initiative designed to help freight operators meet those expectations and unlock completely new value in the process.

Freight brokers stand to benefit disproportionately from integrated visibility data when applied to the workflows they manage. The partnership enables freight brokerages of every size to incorporate visibility data and workflows into their existing booking processes in a way that helps them make smarter decisions that drive revenue growth and improve efficiency.

“Given the complexity of their role in the supply chain and the competitive nature of their market, freight brokerages stand to benefit from integrated shipment visibility more than almost anyone else in the space,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO at Parade.

“Now, thanks to the integration with project44, Parade will be able to offer dynamic, actionable shipment visibility to its brokerage customers.”

Parade’s capacity management platform began as an expansion and improvement upon traditional freight matching software. The solution works in coordination with a broker’s Transportation Management System (TMS) to help brokers not only automate load bookings but also manage all available capacity data, which is used to retain and expand a freight broker’s capacity network.

Key to this effort is Parade’s partner ecosystem of technology providers throughout the space, including project44, whose customers often do business with one another and would benefit greatly from improved communication and data flow.

“At project44, we understand both the challenges of bringing cutting edge technology to the freight industry and, when done correctly, how beneficial and rewarding that disruption can be,” said Jett McCandless, CEO of project44. “Parade’s technology has huge implications for the freight world, and we look forward to forging a more transparent, integrated global supply chain together.”

Current Parade customers will begin to see a number of improvements as a result of the new integration. In addition to an influx of new capacity options, courtesy of project44’s Truckload Cooperative, project44 visibility workflows will be used to underpin an end-to-end digital freight experience, all geared towards driving efficiencies in capacity management.

“Parade is honored to be working with project44, whose visibility platform defined disruption in supply chain tech and changed the game for modern freight management,” said Anthony.

“We cannot wait to share its visibility solution, and the massive value it represents, to our freight brokerage customers. We look forward to growing the partnership as we continue our work to digitize freight brokerage access, establish industry-wide visibility and change the way the world moves freight.”

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