Author: Vitaliy Dadalyan

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Aurora Cannabis (ACB): A Real Lift or a Dead Cat Bounce?

In mid-March, Aurora Cannabis (ACB) hit a 52-week low of $0.60 per share, with some commentators believing it hadn't hit bottom yet. While it appears a bottom is in, the question going forward is whether or not the company can hold on to some of its recent gains.After hitting its bottom, a little over a week later the company soared to over $1.13 per share, pulling back to $0.85 per share as I write.In this article we'll look at whether or not the company will be able to sustain or increase these gains, and what it would take to do so.The key factor in the near termWithout a doubt the key to short-term growth for Aurora is recreational sales in Canada. If it is able to do well there, it will surprise the market to the upside and give its share price another boost that would have a good chance to...