ProShip and ShipMatrix Partner to Deliver Unparalleled Shipment Visibility and Control

23 Apr by Vitaliy Dadalyan

ProShip and ShipMatrix Partner to Deliver Unparalleled Shipment Visibility and Control

BROOKFIELD, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ProShip, a leading provider of multi-carrier shipping software, and ShipMatrix, an innovator in shipment visibility software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize shipment tracking for ProShip customers who collectively ship 2.0 billion parcels per year or ten percent of total parcel market. This collaboration brings together ProShip’s robust parcel shipping software with ShipMatrix’s advanced shipment tracking technology, empowering businesses with deeper visibility, proactive control, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Through this partnership, ProShip integrates ShipMatrix’s comprehensive tracking solution across its comprehensive platform. This seamless integration supports all global and most regional parcel carriers, providing real-time tracking data. By standardizing tracking information, ShipMatrix empowers ProShip customers with unparalleled transparency throughout the entire shipping journey.

The partnership extends beyond simple tracking, offering unique transportation and logistics forecasting abilities, analysis, and experience. This includes:

  • Impress Customers with Estimated Delivery Dates (EDDs): Set accurate expectations and manage customer communication effectively.
  • Leverage Predictive Time-In-Transit for carriers based on real world performance data
  • Improve Visibility with Proactive Notifications: Keep customers informed about every step of the shipment, building trust and loyalty.
  • Decrease Spending & Monitor Performance with Advanced Analytics: Gain actionable insights into carrier performance and identify areas for improvement.

Satish Jindel, Founder and President of ShipMatrix, shares, “This partnership will be a true win-win-win for ProShip, ShipMatrix, and all customers looking to enhance their logistics business operations. We are excited to align with a world class company to provide a much-needed solution in the marketplace.”

“While many multi-carrier platforms try to be everything to everyone, ProShip knows our sweet spot lies in perfecting the core of shipment execution,” says Bill Schroeder, President of ProShip. He continues, “That’s why we partner with best-in-class experts like ShipMatrix. By focusing on what we do best and collaborating with specialists in other areas, we empower our customers with a fully integrated, best-of-breed parcel solution. It’s a strategic approach that ensures our customers have access to the most powerful and agile tools the market has to offer, without the bloat or compromise.”

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ShipMatrix’s suite of first of the kind multi-carrier parcel shipment visibility, analytics and predictive software empowers businesses of all sizes to improve their parcel shipping operations and enhance customer communications. As the only business of its kind endorsed for its reporting accuracy by the major parcel carriers, ShipMatrix is committed to delivering great value to all customers supported by the best inside and forecasting track record about the future of the parcel industry. Visit and to learn more.


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