Large Truckload Fleets See 13% Drop in Turnover

6 Jul by Vitaliy Dadalyan

Large Truckload Fleets See 13% Drop in Turnover

Driver turnover at large truckload fleets fell by a significant amount in the first quarter of 2016, according to American Trucking Associations.

Turnover at large truckload fleets fell by 13% in the first quarter to 89%, hitting the lowest level in nearly a year. In 2015, turnover at large fleets averaged 93% for the entire year.

“While still fairly high, the decline in turnover is reflective of the softening in the freight economy during the first quarter,” said Bob Costello, ATA chief economist. “Should the freight economy witness an uptick during the second half of the year, we should see both turnover and demand for drivers rise as well.”

Turnover fell by only 1% at small truckload fleets in the same period of time, dipping to 88%, That was was the lowest decline since the third quarter of 2015. And it is up from last year’s averages, which stayed around 79% for all of 2015.

Turnover at less-than-truckload fleet remained much lower than at truckload fleets, falling three points to 8%, the lowest point seen since the second quarter of 2013.

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