Fourth Launches End-to-End Restaurant and Hospitality HR, Benefits and Payroll Services in the U.S.

4 Mar by Vitaliy Dadalyan

Fourth Launches End-to-End Restaurant and Hospitality HR, Benefits and Payroll Services in the U.S.

In addition to its hospitality operations technology platform, Fourth
now offers a flexible set of HR and payroll services delivered by a team
of industry professionals based in Tampa, Florida

the provider of the industry’s leading hospitality operations platform,
today announced the launch of its full-service HR, benefits and payroll
services in the U.S. market. In addition to its complete hospitality
operations platform with sales forecasting, scheduling, purchase-to-pay
& inventory capabilities, Fourth now offers full-service payroll,
benefits and HRO services, following its recent acquisition of Choice
HR. By combining the power of its advanced hospitality management
technology with deep HR expertise, Fourth enables operators to simplify
their processes, optimize profits and improve employee engagement all
while managing complex HR and payroll compliance.

“Labor management and payroll processing are a burden for many
restaurant companies,” said Chris Sullivan, founder of Outback
Steakhouse. “Combining restaurant workforce and scheduling technology
with HR and payroll processing services solves a major problem for many
companies. I have always believed it was possible for this to be done
better and excited to see how this will revolutionize our industry.”

According to the latest data from the Bureau
of Labor Statistics
, the turnover rate in the restaurant industry
holds firm at around 70 percent. In addition to workforce management
challenges and day-to-day operations, restaurant operators are also
spending countless hours navigating increasingly complex HR and
compliance issues. Traditionally, operators have relied heavily on
multiple technology platforms, or worse, paper and spreadsheets, to
manage these tasks, resulting in unmanageable amounts of siloed data.
Fourth’s hospitality operations platform breaks open these data siloes,
providing complete visibility across the entire business in real time.
Additionally, by providing unmatched access to full-service,
hospitality-specific payroll, benefits and HR services, Fourth enables
operators to focus on improving business outcomes rather than onerous HR

“As we roll out Leon in the U.S., we are so grateful to be in the safe
hands of Fourth,” said Glenn Edwards, managing director at LEON USA. “We
truly believe we’d be a bit lost and certainly failing in the hands of a
non-hospitality specific payroll service provider. The support from our
dedicated Fourth team is unparalleled, and their knowledge of U.S.
payroll is encyclopedic. We would definitely recommend Fourth to a
hospitality operator wanting to get their payroll 100 percent right, 100
percent of the time.”

Fourth’s complete, end-to-end hospitality management solutions include:

  • All-Inclusive Hospitality Operations Platform: The Fourth
    platform seamlessly integrates with every major POS system, finance
    platform and many industry specific third-party applications. With one
    user name and password, operators can quickly access a wealth of
    reports and dashboards.
  • Full-Service Payroll, Benefits and HR Services: Eliminating the
    need for multiple systems, Fourth brings advanced hospitality
    operations management technology as well as full-service payroll,
    benefits, workers compensation and HR services together, providing
    managers the freedom to focus on improving business outcomes rather
    than tedious HR matters.
  • Advanced Demand Forecasting: Rather than simply cataloging
    historical data, Fourth’s complete platform provides unrivaled
    advanced demand forecasting – using predictive algorithms and machine
    learning to factor in historical trends, weather and local events. By
    calculating a daily baseline forecast at 15-minute intervals by sales
    item, Fourth’s demand forecasting capabilities enable customers to
    ensure they have the labor and the inventory to deliver a great guest
    experience – every time.
  • Analytics and Reporting Dashboard: Fourth’s intuitive platform
    features interactive graphs and charts that are automatically
    populated based on the unique KPIs of the business. With all the
    information an operator needs stored on the Fourth platform,
    CEOs, CFOs and managers can easily turn data into actionable insight
    at a click, leading to better business decisions.

“As former hospitality professionals ourselves, we understand first-hand
the challenges that today’s operators face, including labor and evolving
compliance issues,” said Simon Bocca, chief operating officer at Fourth.
“Now that the integration of Choice HR is complete, we are enabling
operators to streamline HR processes and more effectively manage their
workforce. Because our technology is so deeply rooted in the industry,
it genuinely transforms the way our customers can operate, eliminating
time-consuming manual processes and freeing them to spend time where it
matters – with their team and their customers.”

Fourth continues to expand its footprint in the U.S., currently
recruiting an additional 25 employees to its 70-person team in New York
and Florida.

About Fourth

Fourth provides complete, end-to-end hospitality management solutions,
including the industry’s leading hospitality operations platform as well
as full-service payroll, benefits and HR services. Underpinned by
advanced demand forecasting, predictive analytics and collaboration
tools, Fourth enables operators to optimize profits, enhance guest
satisfaction and improve employee engagement all while managing risk and
compliance. Founded in 1999, Fourth serves more than 1,200 customers in
60 countries, including many of the world’s most famous hospitality
brands such as Burger King, Mandarin Oriental, Loews Hotels, Bar Louie,
Shari’s, Soho House and Food First. To learn more, visit
or follow on Twitter @fourthnews.


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