Eptura Enhances Fleet Maintenance Software with Tire Tracking to Improve Driver Safety and Reduce Accidents

6 Jun by Vitaliy Dadalyan

Eptura Enhances Fleet Maintenance Software with Tire Tracking to Improve Driver Safety and Reduce Accidents

Fleet managers can now monitor tire usage, age and log repairs to reduce vehicular traffic incidents

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eptura, the global worktech leader, today enhanced its Fleet Maintenance software with Tire Tracking capabilities to help fleet managers better understand the usage and history of fleet tires while ensuring the safety of technicians, drivers, and equipment out on the road.

Tire management remains one of the top considerations for fleet managers, both in terms of safety and costs. According to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, an average of 33,000 accidents occur annually because of tires. Monitoring tire usage, age, and repair history enables fleet managers to keep fleets operating safely and protect the drivers, equipment, and goods for which they are responsible.

As the third-largest overall expense in fleet management, tires are one of the most significant financial investments, requiring fleet managers to stay ahead of maintenance and under budget. Tires are worn differently based on location, axle schema, inflation, and many other factors. Even a small adjustment to tread depth can have a costly impact on fuel efficiency and reduce the lifecycle of a tire. Managing tire inventory and maintenance, especially across fleets consisting of different vehicles, can be a major challenge for fleet managers. Tire Tracking offers fleet managers the ability to maximize tire life and minimize future costs by controlling inventory and optimizing maintenance. Key features available in Tire Tracking include:

  • Mileage tracking records the distance travelled by each tire to plan repairs and replacement.
  • Tire inventory creates a digital parts record so fleet managers can track the volume of parts and, using bar codes, easily assign new data to tire record when it is mounted to a wheel, repaired, or disposed.
  • Cost tracking monitors expenses associated with tires, including the cost of new tires, repairs and disposals, to understand which tires perform best for your fleet.
  • Axle schema configurator enables fleet managers to integrate detailed axle information by vehicle with tire data to associate the location of the tire with wear and tear.
  • Preventive maintenance schedules create work orders like tire rotations or replacements based on tire pressure, time, or distance-based conditions to reduce the risk of accidents and costly repairs.

Tire Tracking is also designed to help fleet managers ensure compliance with regulations to avoid fines and costly accidents. Accurately monitoring the lifecycle of a tire allows fleets to stay compliant with government fleet requirements and industry best practices. With increased visibility into the status of tires across the fleet, Tire Tracking can help fleet managers demonstrate compliance internally and externally at scale.

“The primary objectives of every fleet manager are to maintain operator safety and ensure vehicle uptime,” said Dan DeRosa, Chief Product Officer of Eptura. “By launching Tire Tracking, Eptura is unlocking new ways for fleet managers to improve driver safety and keep their vehicles on the road to meet customer needs. The Tire Tracking capabilities are unique in that they display the value of preventive maintenance in protecting both operators and their equipment.”

Available now in Eptura Asset, additional capabilities in Fleet Maintenance include mapping, service codes, downtime, component tracking, inventory, and telematics. Together with Tire Tracking, Eptura’s Fleet Maintenance software provides all the tools that modern fleet managers need to manage costs without sacrificing safety.

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