Code Pilot Approved as a Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner

16 May by Vitaliy Dadalyan

Code Pilot Approved as a Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner

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Code Pilot Accelerates Enterprise AI Projects With Their Intelligent Platform

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Code Pilot Corp – a leader in AI enablement and acceleration solutions, today announced it was approved by Microsoft as an AI Inner Circle Partner. Microsoft’s AI Inner Circle Partner Program recognizes Microsoft Partners who can transform a customer’s business by accelerating the deployment of AI based projects.

The AI Inner Circle Partner Program is designed for partners with demonstrated expertise in the area of AI. Code Pilot’s reputation as a thought leader and elite group of Applied Data Scientists provides customers with a low-risk method for developing intelligent products on Microsoft Azure, bringing together the joint benefits of Cloud + AI.

“Being selected as a Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner is a huge endorsement of our platform,” said David Lemphers, CEO of Code Pilot. “As enterprise organizations look to improve the success of their AI initiatives, we can help them reduce risk and increase ROI by 20% on average.”

Lindsey Allen, Director of Product Management, Microsoft AI platform said, “Acceptance into the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program requires demonstrated expertise in AI and is only offered to companies with the proven ability to support Microsoft customers in designing, developing and deploying intelligent solutions. We’re pleased to have Code Pilot join this group of Microsoft Partners.”

Code Pilot’s AI Accelerators

Time and skills are the primary factors leading to the failure of enterprise AI initiatives. Code Pilot mitigates these risks by providing customers with a platform for solving business needs faster and without the burden of hiring a dedicated ML team.

Leveraging their extensive experience developing and deploying production grade AI solutions for Fortune 500 customers, Code Pilot’s platform ensures customers don’t get stuck in the envisioning phase and instead move rapidly to the deployment and operations phase. This is crucial to successful AI-driven business transformation.

To learn more, please visit the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program information page.

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About Code Pilot

Code Pilot is the leading platform provider of intelligent solution accelerators for AI and machine learning. Enterprises worldwide use Code Pilot as their trusted AI partner to accelerate the deployment of AI solutions to transform their business. Led by experts in the data science and machine learning industry with shared experiences at major AI companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, Code Pilot continues to innovate and improve how organizations transform through production AI. For more information visit


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