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3 Compelling Stocks to Catch on Possible Recession

This past Friday, February 7, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the January jobs numbers – and the results were gangbusters. With 225,000 new jobs reported, it was the greatest increase in almost five years. Other data confirmed the numbers: there was a significant increase in workforce reentrants, the labor force participation rate increased to 63.4%, its highest level in almost seven years, and wages increased at an annualized rate of 3.1%, well ahead of inflation.While the jobs report was solid, there were also a few warning signals. Manufacturing jobs declined, and saw a drop in overtime hours reported. The combination indicates a slowdown in demand, as does a drop in durable-goods production. And while the US and China are making progress in dealing with their tariff disputes, China has been rocked by the Coronavirus outbreak, which has impacted travel and trade.So, times are good, and portfolios are appreciating. Investors should...
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China's Shenzhen denies blocking Apple supplier Foxconn from resuming production

Local Chinese authorities have not blocked Apple supplier Foxconn from resuming production amid a coronavirus outbreak, they said in a statement on Sunday, denying an earlier report in the Nikkei Business Daily. The Nikkei, citing four people familiar with the matter, said on Saturday that public health experts had carried out inspections at Foxconn's factories and told the company that there was a "high risk of coronavirus infection" at the facilities, making them unsuitable for a production restart. Shenzhen's Longhua district, where Foxconn's largest factory is located, said in a statement on its official WeChat account on Sunday that those reports were untrue and that it was still conducting checks, adding that the company would restart production once inspections were completed....