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    Alabama Pipeline Explosion Will Mean Higher Fuel Prices in Some States

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    Photo via Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's Twitter feed

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    Photo via Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's Twitter feed

    " width="240" height="320"> An explosion in Alabama on what's said to be the biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S. Thursday will likely lead to a temporary price spike in diesel and gasoline in the Southeast states served by the pipeline and also may affect the Northeast.

    The explosion in Shelby County, southwest of Birmingham, which killed one and injured at least five others, happened shortly after 2 p.m. central time. It was caused when a trackhoe being used by a contract crew working on Colonial's gasoline pipeline hit the line, according to a statement from owner Colonial Pipeline. Gasoline was ignited and caused a fire, which sparked wildfires that burned more than 30 acres.

    Colonial shut down its two mainlines, one of which carries gasoline and the other diesel.

    The explosion was a few miles from the location of a September 9 leak that also resulted in the pipeline being shut down. The spill in September shut the line for 12 days.

    With the news, gasoline and diesel futures spiked Friday morning. According to Tom Kloza with the Oil Price Information Service, around 10 a.m. EDT, gasoline prices were up between 5 cents and 12.5 cents east of the Rockies for gasoline, while diesel was up by 5 cents in most markets.

    “But it's still early,” he told HDT in an interview. “Everyone's waiting to see if this is going to be down for five days, 10 days, 20 days or [longer.]”

    Effects mostly will be felt in Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolinas and Virginia, and to some extent Alabama, Kloza said. The Northeast also will likely feel the effects, he said, although there are other options there for buying fuel.

    “I always talk about how we have a great distribution system and terrific refineries,” Kloza said,” but it operates on ...Read the rest of this story

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    Leveraging long-term trends to improve trailers

    With many users expecting a 15 to 20 year life cycle for dry van trailers, design and spec'ing considerations must be made for the long haul.

    Steven Porter will tell you that longevity is probably the most critical aspect of a dry van trailer, and as a result, that aspect guides most of the design and spec'ing strategies where such trailers are concerned.

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    Price for diesel inches up but gasoline declines

    Offshore oil drilling is also on the rise worldwide and in U.S. waters, notes EIA, with new projects due to come on line in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The national average retail pump prices for diesel and gasoline headed in different directions this week, according to data tracked by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), though changes in pricing proved small for both fuels.

    Diesel inched up 1/10th of a penny to $2.479 per gallon, which is 6/10ths of a penny cheaper per gallon compared to the same week last year, the agency noted.

    Diesel prices were up in all regions of the country this week except for three, EIA added:

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