Besides coronavirus, vulnerable seniors face 2 other challenges

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    Wells Fargo: 2 Big 11% Dividend Stocks to Buy (And 1 to Avoid)

    Stock markets fell 4.4% yesterday, marking the third session in a row of losses. The declines haven’t erased the gains from last week’s bullish trading, but they put a damper on investors’ enthusiasm. There’s a feeling of gloom; President Trump has said that the country and economy are in for a hard two weeks in the first half of April as the coronavirus epidemic peaks in the States, and he walked back his previously stated hope to see the country ‘get back to work’ by mid-month. No one is certain what the near-term holds, except that times are hard.It’s in times like these that investors, when they buy, start looking that much harder at dividend stocks. With share prices dropping, and interest rates cut to near zero, stock dividends are the surest form of asset returns available today – and those low share prices have brought down the initial cost of...
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    J.P. Morgan: 3 Risky Stocks to Sell Now

    New month, same volatility. Kicking off the second quarter of 2020, all three of the major U.S. stock indexes dropped more than 4% yesterday in response to an update from the Trump administration. Late on March 31, the President stated the next two weeks will be “painful," with health officials predicting a significant spike in COVID-19-related deaths.As U.S. stock futures tick up on April 2, investors are worried the volatility is here to stay, and new economic data hasn’t calmed these fears. According to an ADP National Employment report, last month, private payrolls fell for the first time since 2017, by 27,000 jobs to be precise. It doesn’t help that new orders to factories reached its lowest point in 11 years.In light of these developments, investment firm J.P. Morgan reassessed some of the names in its coverage universe. The well-known financial institution found that the impacts of COVID-19 have made several...