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    Boeing Heads for $35 Billion Weekly Gain in Airline Rally’s Wake

    (Bloomberg) -- Boeing Co. is heading for its best week in more than two months as surprise job gains and airline bookings signal that demand for air travel -- and jetliners -- is poised to recover from a historic plunge.The U.S. planemaker’s status among investors has recently flipped to darling from market pariah, although analysts caution that Boeing still faces formidable challenges. Those range from a festering U.S. trade war with China, a soaring debt load and the long-grounded 737 Max jetliner, which the company is trying to return to service this year.But with passengers tiptoeing back to airline flights, investors are discarding some of the gloom from earlier this year when the Covid-19 pandemic spurred airlines to park thousands of planes. American Airlines Group Inc. extended gains Friday after a record advance a day earlier spurred by an upbeat July flight schedule. And an unexpected gain in U.S. payrolls is...