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Bluetooth Stereo Designed for Work in the Field

The ASA Electronics JHD36A heavy duty stereo features Bluetooth technology, allowing for hands-free calling and app control.

With the hands-free features, ASA says its stereo is suitable for multiple applications including the construction and agricultural industries. The hands-free calling and built-in app control are compatible with any smartphone or tablet and the stereo is also Sirius XM ready.

It features a 12-volt DC power connection and has a maximum audio output of 180 watts. The stereo is also designed to be durable with a conformal coating that protects the system's components from the elements that are commonly encountered in commercial applications.

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Alberta truckers: Chocolate milk and driving don't mix

GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB--The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is asking Alberta Transportation to do a better job clearing snow. The association is asking the ministry to use a coarser sand on the roads and improve plow-crew performance. Truckers voiced their concerns last week during a meeting of the association's oilfield transport committee at the Stonebridge Hotel in Grand Prairie. According to a report in the Grand Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune which was verified today by the AMTA's director of compliance and regulatory affairs Andrew Barnes, the group spoke with Ryan Konowalyk, Alberta Transportation's representative for the Peace. ...Read the rest of this story

ST 1130 Mobile Column Lift

Stertil-Koni introduced the ST 1130 mobile column lift – featuring a lifting capacity of 29,000 pounds per column and 116,000 pounds for a set of four.

Features include:

The ST 1130, without any reduction sleeves, is designed for tires with an outside diameter from 79 to 88 inches.With one reduction sleeves is designed for tires with an outside diameter from 67 to 80 inches.With two reduction sleeves is designed for tires with an outside diameter from 55 to 67 inches.

With these specs and a fork length on the column of 25.5 inches, the ST 1130 is designed to lift unique container handling vehicles and more.

In addition, the lifts are wireless with no interconnecting communication cables required and can be easily relocated in a maintenance facility by a single operator by means of retractable wheels, according to the manufacturer.

The ST 1130 model also features as standard:

Overload protection.A dedicated mechanical locking system.A fully automatic synchronization system.

The ST 1130 model also features a Multi Master System, equipped with a control box on each individual column.This allows lifting columns to be operated individually, in pairs, or as a complete set with the touch of a single button. All columns are interchangeable, so they can be used at multiple locations.

In addition, the new Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts require no external power source to operate and communicate wirelessly for high reliability with no cross-channel interference. They are powered by standard deep cycle batteries, which typically last up to two weeks prior to recharging, according to the company.

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Penske Adds Standard Tech, Safety System to Rental Fleet

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Penske has ordered more than 2,000

Penske has ordered more than 2,000 commercial semi-trucks from Freightliner, Volvo, and Navistar with the new spec. (Photo courtesy of Penske)


Penske Truck Rental is making collision avoidance systems and air disc brakes its standard spec on commercial tractors within its rental fleet.

"These added vehicle features underscore our commitment to over-the-road safety for our commercial truck rental customers and their drivers," said Don Mikes, senior vice president of rental at Penske. "These systems can help commercial drivers avoid collisions and the braking system provides additional stopping power when needed."

Penske has ordered more than 2,000 commercial semi-trucks from Freightliner, Volvo, and Navistar with the new spec. The 2018 model-year units are set to begin going into service and will be available for rental starting as early as February. Additional rental units with this increased safety spec will continue to come into service as Penske's fleet is replenished.

"We continue to introduce and test the various safety platforms available within our truck rental fleet from a variety of manufacturers," said Paul Rosa, senior vice president of procurement and fleet planning. "By using the commercially available safety platforms in our rental fleet, we are best able to help guide our full-service truck leasing customers when evaluating these systems with road-tested performance in real-world conditions."

With one of the newest rental truck fleets, Penske Truck Rental provides businesses with sleeper and day cab semi-tractors, straight trucks, flatbeds, refrigerated vans, trailers and more. Penske rents the top brands of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicles including Ford, GMC, Hino, Isuzu, Freightliner, International, and Volvo. Penske also offers do-it-yourself movers well-maintained rental trucks as well as moving equipment, packing supplies, and accessories. Penske Truck Rental is one of ...Read the rest of this story

Jost’s Air-Release Fifth Wheel Features Sensor Tech

Jost International has released the JSK37USK series air-release fifth wheel with sensor technology that allows the driver to confirm that the fifth wheel is safely and properly coupled.

The JSK37USK's Sensor Coupling System has dual sensors. The first sensor verifies that the kingpin is in the lock position and the second sensor indicates that the fifth wheel is locked and the release handle is secured.

The lock status can be shown either by a Jost supplied dash display or communicated through the vehicle's CAN bus.

“The streamlining associated with a variety of aerodynamic technologies will make physically accessing the 5th wheel for uncoupling, and visually confirming a safe couple, difficult at best,” said Rich Carroll, vice president sales and marketing. “Consequently, the adoption of Jost cab actuated air release wheels on fleet-driven OEM builds is in full swing.”

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