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Scania’s got a new truck, but not for North America. Not yet at least.

It's always a treat to watch a new truck get introduced, with all the flash and hype that's usually only reserved for swanky new sports cars.

That's certainly the case for the new big rig being rolled out by Swedish truck maker Scania, which is part of Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH ; an all-new platform that's been 10 years in the making with investments totaling about $2.39 billion.

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Apex Capital Offers Roadside Assistance Program

Apex Capital is now offering access to truck breakdown assistance, road service, towing and accident dispatch services through the company's 24/7 Roadside Rescue program.

The program gives Apex clients discounted pricing and can assist with everything from diagnostic help to full-service repair management. The Apex 24/7 Roadside Rescue program covers emergency roadside assistance, fleet towing, tires, oil changes, preventative maintenance and other services.

The program has a nationwide roadside assistance network with more than 85,000 discount providers to perform a variety of services. It also features a U.S.-based call center in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that is available 24/7.

Apex 24/7 Roadside rescue includes:

  • Breakdown assistance, including tire repair and replacement, brake repair, battery replacement, reefer repair, lockouts, air and cooling system repair, and jump starts.
  • Towing assistance, including equipment re-positioning, secure storage, drop deck and lowboy support, pull starts, and secondary towing after accidents.
  • Cargo assistance including load shifts, load transfers, warehousing, decking program, storage, repackaging, and disposal.
  • Recovery assistance, including medium and heavy duty wreckers, trailer lifts, rotators, accident management, police call management, and invoice review and negotiation.
  • Maintenance assistance with dedicated technicians assigned to manage your account, real-time operations notifications, and reduced costs for repairs and service.

Apex Capital is a full-service freight factor that specializes in small- to medium-sized trucking companies. Apex buys freight bills and provides service, benefits and credit to clients.

For more information on the Roadside Rescue program, click here.

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Peterbilt Model 567 Heritage Evokes ‘Large Cars’

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Looking like a modern rendition of an old “large car,” the 567 Heritage is adorned with much chrome and polished metal trim.


Looking like a modern rendition of an old “large car,” the 567 Heritage is adorned with much chrome and polished metal trim.


Hard-nosed fleet execs will say that chrome trim doesn't raise one dollar in revenue, but most drivers disagree. Assuming a truck is decent in the first place, chrome and polished metal make a guy or gal want to drive it, and that can lead to lower turnover costs and greater productivity and profit.

So it is with Peterbilt Motors' Model 567 Heritage, which combines a rugged-looking vocational truck with special exterior and interior trim that harkens back to the company's West Coast origins and days of the “large car.”

“The Model 567 Heritage appeals to owner-operators and premium carriers who want to reward their drivers and add distinction to their fleets,” said Darrin Siver, the builder's general manager and a Paccar VP, on the model's introduction in June. I got to drive a tractor version shortly thereafter, at Paccar's Technical Center near Mount Vernon, Wash.

“Legendary red” paint beautifully contrasted with the bright-metal trim. It struck me that this could well be an alternative to the traditionally styled 389 that, along with its 379 and 359 predecessors, is the most-often seen vehicle at truck beauty shows. The 567 has the looks of a traditionally styled truck, but streamlining smooths air flow to cut drag and save fuel at highway speeds.

Silver explained that the truck is meant to evoke the company's early days when lumberman Al Peterman took over the San Francisco plant of bankrupt Fageol and began assembling trucks to support his logging activities in the Northwest. But those trucks were rather crude-looking compared to the 567 Heritage.

The Heritage's basic specifications include a 121-inch bumper to back of cab measurement and set-forward front axle. It can be spec'd as a day cab or with a 72- or 80-inch sleeper box (this one had the 80-inch version). Thus this could be called a “large car,” a term from the past. Purists insist that large cars also had certain components hung along the frame to fill gaps, such as air tanks located behind the front wheels and fenders. In contrast, today's 567 Heritage has bright-metal panels called quarter-fender closeouts.

An 18-inch-high bumper resembles the flat “Texas tall” type, but this one's curved at the sides to let air ease by. Of course, there are dual chromed exhaust stacks. Other exterior features that are either chromed or polished include three vertical trim bars in the grille, front fender supports, air intake bezel, hood latch hardware, mirror housings, sun visor, steps, battery boxes, fuel tanks, and rear quarter fenders. The plastic tank for diesel exhaust fluid is wrapped in polished aluminum. Heritage badges are placed in the grille and on the sides of sleeper boxes.

pstrongSimulated dark wood trim graces the dashboard and door panels, while dark brown leather covers the seats. Of course it has power windows and locks./strong/p

Inside, simulated wood trim accents in the dash and door panels continue on the cabinets and storage compartments of sleepers. Seats are upholstered in deep brown leather, while seat backs and the two-tone sleeper back wall are embroidered with the Heritage logo. Finally, the covering atop the dashboard is black, which is both attractive and practical because it reduces sun glare in the windshield.

pstrongHeritage 567 badge appears in the grille and on sleeper box's sides. /strong/p

Visibility through the windshield and along that sloped hood was superb, I found when I got behind the wheel. Side windows were likewise large, and mirrors well positioned with glass that's multi-adjustable. The aluminum cab's width is 2.1 meters or 82.7 inches, which is about 8 inches more than the old cab on the 365/367 and other earlier Petes, including the 389. The wider cab is plenty roomy but not oversized, so seems as appropriate for vocational use as for on the highway.

This tractor had a Paccar MX-13 rated at 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft, mated to an 18-speed automated Eaton UltraShift Plus. It was as much a pleasure to drive on the tech center's grounds and over nearby highways, with a smooth ride and easy maneuverability, as it is to look it. The 567 Heritage goes into production in September.

Photos: Peterbilt's Heritage 567 Gleams, Evokes Past

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