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No Hydrogen Subsidy, No Problem

If fuel cell suppliers and other industry players are worried about China's announcement that the government is ending subsidies for hydrogen vehicles next year, they are doing a good job of not showing it. "The announcement is old news," said Nicolas Pocard, director of marketing for Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP), a Burnaby, British Columbia manufacturer of fuel cell systems. In an email to FreightWaves, Pocard noted that China's existing five-year New Energy Vehicle incentive plan for fuel cell vehicle subsidies was due to expire in 2020....
21 Oct by Vitaliy Dadalyan Tags:

UPDATE 3-Colorado abandons legal effort to stop Sprint, T-Mobile merger

Colorado became on Monday the second state to drop out of an effort by state attorneys general led by New York and California to stop T-Mobile US Inc's $26 billion merger with Sprint Corp. Colorado struck a deal with T-Mobile and Dish Network Corp , which is buying assets divested from the merger. In the deal, Dish pledged to bring 2,000 jobs to the state and T-Mobile pledged to deploy the next generation of wireless 5G across much of Colorado, the state attorney general's office said in a statement....