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‘No Way I Can Lose’: Inside China’s Stock-Market Frenzy

(Bloomberg) -- Like millions of amateur investors across China, Min Hang has become infatuated with the country’s surging stock market.“There’s no way I can lose,” said the 36-year-old, who works at a technology startup and opened her first trading account in Beijing on Tuesday. “Right now, I’m feeling invincible.”Five years after China’s last big equity boom ended in tears, signs of euphoria among the nation’s investing masses are popping up everywhere. Turnover has soared, margin debt has risen at the fastest pace since 2015 and online trading platforms are struggling to keep up. Over the past eight days alone, Chinese stocks have added more than $1 trillion of value -- far outpacing gains in every other market worldwide.While it would be easy to dismiss as a replay of this year’s Robinhood rally in the U.S., China’s budding equity mania could in many ways be more consequential. Unlike in most major markets,...
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Can This Coronavirus Stock Soar 230%? 5-Star Analyst Thinks So

Diversification is a tried-and-true strategy when investing in stocks. Drug maker Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE) is applying the same thought process in its battle against the coronavirus. The multi-pronged approach involving a search for antiviral therapies, a vaccine and the production of testing kits, has paid off handsomely in the market, with the stock appreciating by 115% year-to-date.Last week, Sorrento revealed more positive details from its COVID-19 vaccine program’s progress. In a pre-clinical trial, the company's candidate, T-VIVA-19, was able to generate neutralizing antibodies in 80% of mice injected with the vaccine, and thus completely prevent cells from being infected with the virus.“While we note that these experiments do not constitute evidence of infection prevention under in vivo viral challenge conditions, they are nonetheless encouraging,” said H.C. Wainwright analyst Ram Selvaraju.Sorrento now plans to apply for regulatory authorization to advance the vaccine to a clinical trial. The biotech estimates that with its...
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Aurora: Is the New CCO the Right Fit? Analyst Chimes In

Over the past few months, Aurora Cannabis (ACB) has taken several steps to enact a U-turn for its ailing business. Along with a reverse stock split to ensure it remains listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it has closed some of its smaller facilities, as well as put the brakes on the construction of two new sites.Another move has been to acquire Reliva, which has given it access to the U.S. CBD space. That acquisition brought with it Reliva’s CEO, Miguel Martin, who Aurora has just appointed as its new Chief Commercial Officer.Weighing in on the appointment, Jeffries analyst Owen Bennett is not sure the right choice was made.“While we don't doubt Mr. Martin is very capable, and has past experience that is very relevant for this position, there could be some disappointment that the position did not go to someone more high profile,” the analyst said.The past year has...