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Ancra’s Logist-A-Panel Helps Secure Cargo

Ancra International has added the Logist-A-Panel to its line of cargo restraint system products, designed to create a captive beam decking and shoring wall system to replace standard plywood or liner panel from a sheet and post trailer.

The Logist-A-Panel creates custom shoring, strapping and decking solutions for loads of different sizes. Combining the Lift-A-Deck II beam system with slotted panels allows for more customization options inside a trailer to fit a fleet's needs.

In addition to being customizable, the Logist-A-Panel can be shipped as a retrofit kit containing preassembled logistics panels with Lift-A-Deck II track, beams and an accessories kit for quick and easy installation. A single technician can convert a 28-foot trailer with a 24-inch post to Lift-A-Deck II on 16-inch centers in as little as 3 hours using the retrofit kit, according to Ancra.

The track is available in a variety of options including a surface and recessed mount.

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