CTA’s Effort on GHG Phase II fuels tire research

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Autonomous trucks: They won’t be driverless

So I sat through several interesting presentations regarding the future of autonomous trucks this week at the TU-Automotive Connected Fleets USA conference in Atlanta and perhaps the most striking takeaway from those discussions is that while autonomous trucks will be “self-driving,” they won't truly ever be “driverless,” as the need for a human operator behind the whee

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Hirschbach Adds Lytx DriveCam Safety Program to Fleet

Refrigerated carrier Hirschbach has incorporated the Lytx DriveCam in-cab video system into its truck fleet to increase safety and reduce accidents, Lytx has announced.

For a year and a half, Hirschbach actively tested the latest in video systems to determine which technology would be best for the fleet. After careful consideration, Hirschbach collaborated with Lytx.

"Lytx is much more than just a video telematics company," said Brian Kohlwes, chief general counsel and vice president of safety at Hirschbach. "They are a true partner in helping Hirschbach reduce accidents."

Since 1998, Lytx has grown to help protect 1,500 clients, more than 650,000 drivers, and countless communities through its safety programs and services.

The Lytx DriveCam event recorder mounts to the center of the windshield of the tractor. The recorder captures short bursts of video clips when there are safety events such as a hard braking event, sudden stop, or roll stability event. The driver can also activate the recorder manually by pressing a button on the event recorder.

"The technology will help Hirschbach in becoming a best-in-class carrier in safety," said Kohlwes. "Also, in the event of an accident that was not our driver's fault, the DriveCam video can help exonerate our drivers and us. We will be right with the safest carriers in the country by utilizing this technology. This technology will ultimately help us save lives."

"Hirschbach has adopted the gold standard in video telematics safety programs with their DriveCam deployment, which is a signal to their clients, their drivers and the people with whom they share the road that safety is a top value," said Del Lisk, Lytx vice president of safety services.

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